Slash command for Confluence subscribe prevents subsequent slash commands from running


Originally reported by a customer.


Observed by the customer with the following server version and confluence plugin version combinations:

Server: v5.31.2 and v5.31.3
Confluence Plugin: v1.1 and v1.2

Observed by me on:
Server: v5.31.1
Confluence Plugin: v1.2

Steps to reproduce

  • Install Confluence plugin in Mattermost, and follow docs on setting up the app on Confluence.

  • Run `/confluence subscribe` slash command

  • Cancel the dialog box that comes up

  • Attempt to run another slash command. E.g., `/away`

Observed Behaviour

  • The 2nd slash command will not run. Hitting enter after typing `/away` doesn't do anything.

  • Navigating to a different channel and back will allow the slash command to now run.

Other notes

  • The customer reports this is not an issue on `5.25.x`

I had a look at a HAR file from the customer test and can share offline with engineering.

QA Test Steps

Verify the fix as described in the ticket.
Do some regression testing using the Jira plugin, including using the incident collaboration and Confluence plugins in and around the Jira testing.


Linda Mitchell
3 days ago

Verified fix on PR and Cloud and again on v5.35. Closing.

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