Deactivated user not marked as "Deactivated" in channel switcher


Environment: Master
Failure captured by Cypress E2E test:
Deactivated users show up in the channel switcher without the "(Deactivated)" text next to the username.

Potentially caused by:

QA Test Steps

1. Log in as system admin.
2. Open the channel switcher (press Cmd/Ctrl + K).
3. Type the name of an active user - "User 1".
4. Verify that the user appears in the channel switcher box.
5. Navigate to System Console > Users.
6. In the search box, type "User 1".
7. Click the "Member" dropdown.
8. Click "Deactivate".
9. Confirm to deactivate the user.
10. Go back to the main channel view.
11. Bring up the channel switcher again (Cmd/Ctrl + K).
12. Type the name of the deactivated user - "User 1".

Observed: Result for the search in channel switcher for user shows the deactivated user "User 1" but without the "Deactivated" indicator text.

Expected: The result for the search in channel switcher for a deactivated user is indicated with the "(Deactivated)" indicator text.


Jelena Gilliam
3 days ago

Tested and Passed on v5.35. Closing.

Jelena Gilliam
April 21, 2021, 12:33 PM

Tested and Passed on cloud 2793_9de05bba_c7b05797_ce3a686e.

  • Deactivated label is shown on DMs on channel switcher.

QA note: Test exists. This ticket will be closed after v5.35 testing.

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