Support generating a license for existing customer


We need to support generating a license for an existing customer.


  • In the API we need to either post to a new /customers/{customerid}/licenseendpoint or

  • Another option is to add the customerId as a field in the license request of our existing /license


  • Lookup the customer by email before we send the request to the API and show a confirmation that this is the customer they want to add the license to if found. UX?

QA Test Steps

Generate a license for a known customer

1. Generate a license in the admin license form for customer A.
2. Click on "Issue a new License"
3. In the license generation form, input the same email used for Customer A.

Observe that the Organization and Contact Name is prepopulated and disabled. It cannot be changed.

Generate a license for a new customer

4. Change the email to a new email different than customer A and not used before.

Observe that the Organization and Contact Name are now cleared out and editable again.


Anneliese Klein
March 17, 2021, 5:34 PM

Is it possible to do in-line email validation? Or do we already do this? When we search for an existing customer/license, do we eventually view this information in a completed form as is or do they view it in a different layout/environment? Are we looking to add other pathways aside from email validation - e.g. if the email/account already exists then linking the user to view that account.

Jason Blais
March 17, 2021, 1:55 PM

I will look to you on UI design recommendation.

For context on use case – this is for internal use only. Mario is implementing the ability for our internal team to create E10/E20 licenses including trials from the customer portal. This is for customers who do not make a purchase with a credit card, and for prospects who request a trial extension from the sales team.

The use case on this ticket specifically is to be able to search/lookup a customer by email before we send the license. Two benefits:

  • allows the internal order management team to know what previous licenses have been sent to the customer (e.g. have they already received a trial license, and if so, confirming with sales that we want to send them another trial license)

  • avoids duplicate accounts. If our internal order management team issues a new license to a customer that already exists, it will appear as a separate account. This results in duplication. Instead, we want our internal team to be able to see if an account already exists and issue a license for that account.

Happy to clarify further. cc

Mario de Frutos
March 17, 2021, 11:53 AM

Given the current page design what would be the best way, from a UX point of view, to approach this page?. We have to take into account that we don’t have much time to have this ready





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