Regression: Error text is missing when team name is left blank on Team Create page


This is a regression in v5.30. Leaving the team name field blank when creating a new team should cause error text to display. The text is no longer displaying, and there is a JS error in the console. Found in Selenium regression tests.

Repros on Chrome and desktop app, on v5.30 on postgres.test, rc.test, Selenium server. Does not repro on v5.29.1.

Note: This does not affect functionality; the user is able to enter a value in the field and continue to the next page without issue.

Expected: On prev.test (v5.29):

QA Test Steps

1. Log in as a user who has permission to create teams
2. Click main hamburger menu, then `Create a Team`
3. Leave the team name field blank, then click Next

Observed: JS error in console, no error / help text displays below empty field

Expected: No JS error in console, error / help text displays below empty field that says `This field is required`, empty field border turns red


Linda Mitchell
February 12, 2021, 2:05 AM

Verified on v5.32.0-rc3. No new tests needed. Closing.

Amy Blais
December 15, 2020, 5:34 PM

Not a blocking issue for v5.30.

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