Investigate - slow typing


Original report:

Some people on the above linked Github issues have reported slow typing on Mattermost.
Also a few people from Mattermost staff have reported the same - see this thread in Ask R&D channel

Steps to reproduce
1. Start typing a message on Mattermost
2. Wait for text box to catch up with what was typed, sometimes 5+ seconds

Expected behavior
Expecting the message box to catch up with my typing with a delay less than 200 ms. The CPU is maxing out whenever I start typing. I can confirm this happens on Chromium as well, and both on Debian and Fedora on different devices.

QA Test Steps

  • Setup an environment with a steady state of background activity triggering websocket updates (i.e. other users posting on a semi-regular cadence to channels in which the user is a member)

  • Open 20+ DMs or GMs (the more, the easier this is to reproduce)

  • Test typing while this background activity is occurring


Jelena Gilliam
April 12, 2021, 9:06 PM

Tested and Passed on v5.34-rc2. Closing.

Jelena Gilliam
March 24, 2021, 10:51 PM

Tested and Passed v5.33.2-rc1 (mysql.test), v5.31.2-rc1 (rc.test) and cloud 2263_e45b8b64_8d7b6f78_e5be459b

  • Tested typing with some background activity and multiple DMs/GMs open; noticing some slowness when 4x cpu throttling, otherwise looks good.

QA note: Test will be created. Leaving open until v5.34 testing is completed. 

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Jesse Hallam

QA Assignee

Jelena Gilliam


Amy Blais

Mattermost Team

Web Platform [Messaging]