Admin Filter option should be disabled in AD/LDAP page for admin roles with permission sysconsole_write_authentication


This issue was found while testing the PR

1. Assign sysconsole_write_authentication permission to the system_manager by running the command:
`go run mmctl.go permissions add system_manager sysconsole_write_authentication`
2. Login as a user with role system_manager and navigate to System Console > AD/LDAP Page.
3. Modify the Admin Filter and save and reload the page and check if changes are saved.
4. Notice that user is not allowed to modify the Admin Filter as expected and any changes made are lost when page is reloaded.

Expected: Since user does not has option to change Admin Filter, these options should be disabled in System Console UI.

Actual: The Admin Filter options are not disabled and user is allowed to modify them indicating that they have permissions to change. There will be no indication to the user that they do not have permissions to modify Admin Filters

QA Test Steps

System Manger / User Manager are able to view Admin Filter option but it is disabled in both LDAP and SAML


Furqan Malik
February 12, 2021, 6:22 PM

Tested and Verified in 5.32

Hence closing


Scott Bishel
October 6, 2020, 3:52 PM

Shows it is saved, but the changes are not saved. Looks buggy. Should be disabled in the UI.

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