Google SSO failing with error `invalid email` on Mattermost GSuite email addresses


Google SSO is failing with Mattermost email addresses, but succeeding with Gmail email addresses. More details:

On, Google SSO fails with `` and succeeds with ``

  • Error page says `invalid email` (not a common error I've seen)

  • Also repros on `prev.test` on v5.14.2, and on a fresh spinmint on v5.15 release branch

  • Repro'ed by Dylan and also Dean and Martin on their locals

  • Not related to 2fa (also have that on my Gmail)

  • Error in server logs `{"level":"error","ts":1568139849.5773754,"caller":"api4/oauth.go:505","msg":"User.IsValid: Invalid email, user_id=f9doz91yiprhppi6z7r1grdsur"}`

2. Next I tried creating email/password account with `` to then change it it to Google SSO

  • While switching it made me use `` rather than `` credentials to be recognized

  • But then preserved `linda.mitchell@` as the account's email address

  • Then trying to sign back in using Google SSO after that gave an unexpected error page `Username must begin with a letter, and contain between 3 to 22 lowercase characters made up of numbers, letters, and the symbols ".", "-", and "_"`, even though the username is `linda0`

`` is what I use every release to test this, so even though I see this both on v5.15 and v5.14.2, is it possible that something else has changed since last release, possibly with our Google Apps config?

Daniel noted a similar question has been asked recently, but we are awaiting further information from that reporter.

Also, I noticed that MM-16149, fixed in v5.14, mentions both of the unusual error messages I saw (and talks about possibly wide-ranging impact; possibly some unforeseen effects from that?).

QA Test Steps

1. Set up Google SSO on a server, ensuring the following are correct in config.json (not editable in UI):


  • Mattermost email address fails to create account, with error page `Invalid Email`

  • Gmail email address succeeds in creating account

Expected: Our corp GSuite emails should successfully create accounts (that's how we test this every release)





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