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Jira 2.2 Subscription Modal Review


  • Run through use cases to ensure that the modal UI we have created lets a user establish subscriptions from Jira using multiple rules and establish the exact scope we want to implement for Jira 2.2

We can declare some out of scope - but I'd like to make sure the UI we propose can handle several of these:
1) I want to see all the new Issues on the two projects that i'm currently working on
2) I'd like to see all new bugs for a specific project to come in, but only when it is assigned to my team
3) I want to only see updates to jira stories and comments from Project A
4) I want my team to get notified whenever a bug type with Severity > Medium is created
5) I'd like updates on all issues but no comments in my channel
6) I'd like to see all the comments on Bugs and Stories in projects A, B, C
7) I want all updates for project A but only with Security level X

Notes from Michael:
Could you number the items for discussion?

Not sure if this is helpful:
1. needs multiple subscriptions
2. needs filtering
3. currently works
4. needs filtering
5. currently works, though you must filter on project as well
6. needs multiple subscriptions
7. needs filtering

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