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Incorrect scroll position sometimes, after channel switch


Reported by Jason as below; Linda also seeing this. It is intermittent.

Jason: I'm seeing issues with scroll positing when switching a channel. Noticeable today. Usually I'm not landed on the first unread post, and for a channel without unreads I'm usually not landed to the bottom. Quite often the last message in the channel is cut off.

Linda: In the case of unreads in the channel, I frequently (but not always) see that the `New Messages` separator is immediately below the fold / out of view.

Haven't yet found a pattern related to post content (or anything else).

Repro-ing on community-release, Mac, Desktop App 4.2.1 and 4.3.0 (test build). Community-release is currently on v5.14-rc2.

QA Test Steps

Exact repro is unclear. Two things we're seeing:

1. Switch to a channel that has unread messages: Not scrolled to the beginning of unreads (nor in the middle of a large quantity of unreads); the unreads are frequently all off-screen and must scroll down to see them

2. Switch to a channel without unread messages: Not scrolled to the bottom of the channel; there may be one or more messages off-screen and must scroll down to see them





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